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Safety rules : the 10 commandments

  1. Be aware of danger while kitesurfing or kiteboarding with off shore wind.

  2. Kiteboarders must launch in safe place away from obstacles as walls, trees ...

  3. Check weather forecast before each session and be aware of weather evolution.

  4. Use an appropriate kite size in relation with the force of the wind.

  5. Use functional safety systems.

  6. Do a preflight check before each session.

  7. Never over estimate your skill level : "If in doubt, don't go out!"

  8. Know the sailing rules, local rules and riding areas.

  9. Never ride further out than you can swim.

  10. Solo launching ONLY in light wind.

Evolution of Kitesurfing

At the beginning...

Two brothers, Bruno Legaignoux and Dominique Legaignoux, from the Atlantic coast of France, developed kites for kitesurfing in the late 1970s and early 1980s and patented an inflatable kite design in November 1984, a design that has been used by companies to develop their own products.

In 1996 Laird Hamilton and Manu Bertin were instrumental in demonstrating and popularising kitesurfing off the Hawaiian coast of Maui.

In 1997 the Legaignoux brothers developed and sold the breakthrough "Wipika" kite design which had a structure of preformed inflatable tubes and a simple bridle system to the wingtips, both of which greatly assisted water re-launch. Bruno Legaignoux has continued to improve kite designs, including developing the bow kite design, which has been licensed to many kite manufacturers.

In 1997, specialist kiteboards were developed by Raphaël Salles and Laurent Ness. By 1998 kitesurfing had become a mainstream sport, and several schools were teaching kitesurfing.

Speed Records

On September 18th 2008, during the "Luderitz Speed Challenge"[8] in Namibia, kitesurfing became the fastest way of sailing on water. The "World Sailing Speed Record Council"[9] (WSSRC) validated the run of Robert Douglas from the USA at 49.84 knots (92.30kmph). A few days later on October 3rd, 2008, Sebastien Cattelan from France was the first to pass 50 knots kitesurfing. His attempt was validated by the WSSRC at 50.26 knots (93.08kmph). The following day, on October 4th 2008, Alex Caizergues from France established a record validated by the WSSRC at 50.57 knots (93.66kmph).
The 14th of November 2009, Alex Caizergues completed another unbelievable run of 50,98 knots in Namibia.
October 2010, Rob Douglas became the outright record holder for the short distance 500 meters with 55.65 knots.
Sébastien Cattelan became the record holder of France and Europe with 55.49 and was the first rider to reach 55 knots.

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