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What are the options to flight to Dominican Republic - Cabarete?
You have three options to fly to DR - Cabarete with Santiago (STI), Santo Domingo (SDQ) and Puerto Plata (POP) airports.
We highly recommend POP which is the closest airport to cabarete with only a 20 minute drive. Other airports are Santo Domingo which is 4 hours away and Santiago 1.5 hours.

Kitesurfing Lessons

What should I bring to a lesson?
The only things you need to bring with you are tee shirt, sunscreen, water, inexpensive sunglasses and the willingness to learn an exciting new sport.

How many lessons do I need?
The average person can get up and riding within 3 to 5 days, this generally translates into about 12 hours for lessons.

How old must I be in order to start kitesurfing lessons? What about minimum weight?
Kitesurfing is taught to children starting from the age of 12. Some begin even earlier with constant supervision. Physical condition rather than weight is taken into consideration but a general rule is around 35kg minimum.

Are lessons necessary, after all, I surf, windsurf and wakeboard?
Lessons are essential to safely practise the sport, not only for yourself but also for the safety of the general public. A kiter losing control of his kite can cause serious injuries and even death to himself and others. Please g

Kitesurfing Equipement

How much does the equipement cost?
A kiteboard normally costs between $500 to $700 and a kite normally costs between $800 to $1500 including lines and bar. A larger kite may cost more and smaller kite may cost less

What size kite should I buy?
Your first kite should be between 8 and 13 meters, depending upon your weight and the wind strength where you plan on kitesurfing. For riders under 165 lbs (75 kilos), I recommend an 8 meter kite as a first kite. And for riders 175 lbs (80 kilos) and greater, I recommend an 11 to 13 meter kite.

Should I look at new or second hand equipment first up?
The decision to buy new or second hand is determined by your budget. New gear comes with a warranty and you will always be safer than with older pre-loved gear. In addition new gear comes with the latest in safety technological developments and flying characteristics. For the budget conscious, the 2nd hand market is alive and well but much of the kites are performance driven and less suitable for beginners.

Kitesurfing General FAQ

Do I have to be in great shape to kitesurf?
No. Being in good shape will help but people of all shapes and sizes can enjoy the thrill of kitesurfing. However being able to swim and being comfortable in the water is mandatory.

Do I need to be able to swim?
Yes – kitesurfing is a water sport and once you are up and riding, you may find yourself in the water, out of your depth. If you are not yet confident in the water, we suggest you start with just land-based kite flying until you are able to improve your water confidence.

Is kitesurfing difficult?
Kitesurfing is a very easy sport to learn and like any other extreme sports, it can be perillous. If you try flying a power kite without prior understanding of the way they fly you will not handle the kite in the event of something going wrong. A proper lesson with an IKO instructor is all it takes to get the basics and you can progress on your own once we get you started.

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