Kitesurfing Learning Stages Cabarete, Dominican Republic

Lesson 1 : Kite Control

This kitesurfing lesson is the first step to accelerate your learning curve and stay safe. This begins by using a beginners trainer kite, this will help you to learn the basics of kite handling. It is important to practice flying the trainer kite until confidently able to pilot around the wind window, hover the kite, steer it right and left, followed by launching and landing the kite appropriately. It is a key skill for your progression.

Learning Stages :

Lesson 2 : Body Dragging

Lesson 2 concentrates on water action. This kitesurfing lesson allows you to experience the true power of the kite. This helps enable your technique, creating a better balance in the water. This will require learning how to pilot the kite without using the board.

Learning Stages :

Lesson 3 : Water Start - Riding

This day will start with beach theory which will communicate the requirements needed to know how to make a safe water start. When first attempting a water start it is common for most students to struggle but with continuous practice you will achieve it. Even people with sporting experience can sometimes struggle to coordinate all of the movements but once put to practice you will be successful.

Learning Stages :

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